Tel Aviv Beautiful travel destination; here you must know about it

May 21 2019 10:18 PM
Tel Aviv Beautiful travel destination; here you must know about it

People don't just travel to unwind from their mundane schedules but also to understand the world and gain perspective on different cultures from around the globe. With the culture, heritage, and palettes changing every 100 kms, travel enthusiasts prefer visiting unexplored destinations instead of commercial tourist spots. One destination that is every explorer's dream is Israel. Although a lot has been read and written about Israel, Tel Aviv continues to be one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the Middle East.

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Prominently known for the water sports and local delicacies, Tel Aviv has also been a hit with our B-Town stars. From shopping to the heritage, here's why you must ditch everywhere else and head to Tel Aviv for your next vacation. One place where you can catch the waves and surf just like they do it in the movies is in Tel Aviv. The perfect climatic conditions and the Mediterranean Sea just adds more fun to the sport. Not just surfing, you can also indulge in water activities like sailing and deep sea diving.

Israel is one of the richest countries in regard to culture and heritage. Apart from being compared to America's Silicon Valley, the city is famous for its modern architecture. With buildings dating back to the British imperialism, streets like Allenby and Shadal will take you back in time. Rich in their history, we bet you will be mesmerised with what the city has to offer. One of the most essential factors while choosing your holiday destination is shopping. From street shopping to little boutiques, you mustn't miss out on Aireli Centre Mall that offers a wide range of technological items too. Local designers to vintage shops, there's nothing you won't find at Tel Aviv. With tourism playing an essential role in Israel, you can always head to the little cafes and restaurants by the sea to enjoy your night. With a wide variety of food, you can dance to the local tunes and interact with the locals.

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