Telangana: Man gives triple talaq to wife for a baby boy, got married again

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi's government may have abolished the triple talaq law to bring justice to Muslim women, but triple talaq cases are not taking the name of freezing. Such cases continue to be heard from different corners of the country, in which a woman is given three divorces on a trivial matter and is thrown out of the house, the latest case has come out from Telangana.

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According to report, this case is from Telangana where a woman alleged that her husband has divorced her simply because she did not give birth to a boy. The woman further said that her husband has also married another woman. The woman's name is being described as Mehraj Begum. The police have registered a case on the complaint of the woman and got involved in the investigation of the case.

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With this, the woman said that I hope I will get justice and my husband will be punished for this work. This is not the first case of triple talaq. Earlier, triple talaq cases have come to light from across the country.

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