Patient dies after he comes to know he tested positive for corona

Hyderabad: The Corona epidemic continues to spread. The fear of the corona epidemic is more in the minds of the people. At this time most people are living under the shadow of fear. Every day you will see that people are dying due to coronavirus. Day by day the number of deaths is increasing.

There are many people who are imprisoned in their homes and do not want to come out of the house. Recently, in the case which has come to light, the life of a young man was lost due to this fear. This case is reported from Warangal of Telangana. As soon as his health deteriorated, he felt he had corona.

While he got his checkup done, he came to know that he had corona and after knowing this he lost his life. Because of this, it is said that fear is more dangerous than the disease. If you are brave, you can fight deadly diseases and be cured but fear can end your life anytime. 

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