Telangana crosses the limit of 90,000 cases

Aug 15 2020 10:05 AM
Telangana crosses the limit of 90,000 cases

The figures of coronavirus cases in Telangana has crossed the mark of 90 thousand. As many as 1863 new cases were registered in the state on Friday and another ten people lost their lives due to the pandemic. This brings the number of corona deaths in the state to 684. On Friday 1912 people recovered from the infection. This brings the number of people recovering from the corona in the state to over 66,000. The recovery rate in the country is 71.16 percent while in the state it is 73.34 percent.

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On Friday, 394 cases were reported by the GHMC. In Hyderabad, less than 500 new cases have been registered since last week. In Rangareddy it was 131, Karimnagar it was 104 and in Warangal Urban 101 cases were registered. 90 in Sirisilla district, Sangareddy 81; 61 cases were identified in Khammam and Jagitya. 5 new cases were reported in Narayanpet district and 7 in Manchiria.

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21,239 tests were done in the state on Friday. The result of 664 samples is yet to be revealed. More than 7.32 lakh corona tests have been done in the state so far. Covid tests were conducted on 19,728 people out of every ten lakh population in Telangana.

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