Police told the dreadful story of Hyderabad doctor gang rape

Nov 30 2019 10:20 AM
Police told the dreadful story of Hyderabad doctor gang rape

After seeing the tragedy of a woman's Veterinary Doctor in Hyderabad, after knowing, after listening, everyone has lost their senses. In Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana, a female doctor was gang-raped and murdered and the police have arrested all the four accused in the case so far. Disclosing this entire matter, the police recently said that, "They have told about how they have executed this incident". "The woman doctor was gang-raped before the murder."

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He said, the accused gang-raped the woman and later strangled her to death and burnt the dead body. In fact, a young woman was gang-raped near Tondupalli toll plaza in Shamshabad on the outskirts of Hyderabad and her body was taken 25 km away and sprinkled petrol on her on the Chatanapalli bridge in Ranga Reddy district. Police said that the accused have been identified as Mohammad Arif, Naveen, Chintakunta Keshavulu and Shiva and the police have also confirmed that the accused had drunk alcohol while committing the crime and the incident. The main accused of this is Arif.

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Talking about this, the police said, 'All the four boys were standing on the toll plaza. At the same time, they saw the doctor near the parking lot and then made a plan for gangrape while drinking alcohol. The boy named Naveen punctured the scooty of the female doctor. Around 9.18 pm, the female doctor arrived to take her scooter, but the scooty was punctured and Arif extended his hand to help. A boy named Siva took Scooty and told that the shop was closed. After this, these people gangraped with the female doctor. While executing the incident, the accused kept the girl's mouth and nose tightly pressed so that no sound could come out and due to this, she was suffocated and the girl died. After the gang-rape and murder of the girl, the accused bought petrol and then burnt her. According to the information, the accused then burnt the doctor's body under a flyover and fled from there.

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