Telangana door-to-door health care delivers 1.78 lakh Covid kits in three days

Telangana : According to authorities from the state health department, the number of patients showing signs of seasonal fever or Covid-19 during the ongoing door-to-door fever survey in Telangana has surpassed 1.78 lakh in the first three days of the exercise.

The state government has been distributing Covid care home kits with medications for a week-long course to treat anyone with Covid-19-like symptoms, according to the state administration, which says it is following the Centre's guidelines.

Since the fever survey began on Friday, 1,78,179 of these kits have been given. When compared to the official active cases provided by the state health department in its 'official' daily Covid-19 bulletin, the number of suspected Covid-19 cases has risen dramatically in Telangana. The number of Covid medical kits supplied in the first three days of the survey was more than five times the number of active Covid cases, which stood at 32,094 on Sunday evening, according to the bulletin.

During the first three days of the survey, health workers fanned out across the state, covering 42,30,229 houses and discovering that 1,78,912 people had Covid-19-related symptoms. According to the health department, Covid medical kits were delivered to 1,78,179 people who were deemed to be symptomatic.

T. Harish Rao, the health minister, said on Monday that the purpose of the survey was to halt the spread of fevers and Covid, catch it early, and treat those who showed symptoms.

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