Telangana Executive Engineer arrested in Bribery Scandal, Cried while getting caught
Telangana Executive Engineer arrested in Bribery Scandal, Cried while getting caught

Hyderabad: An executive engineer working with Telangana's Tribal Welfare Engineering Department was apprehended by anti-corruption authorities on Monday after being caught red-handed accepting a bribe amounting to Rs 84,000.

The official in question, K Jaga Jyothi, had solicited the bribe from the complainant, Bodukarr Ganganna, a contractor, in exchange for fulfilling an official duty that had already been approved in a bill concerning Nizamabad. This incident unfolded in Hyderabad's Masab Tank area, and a video depicting Jyothi in tears with the confiscated cash spread rapidly across social media platforms.

Following the complaint, anti-corruption officials swiftly launched an operation and apprehended Jyothi while she was in the process of accepting the bribe. During the investigation, authorities administered a phenolphthalein test on Jyothi, which indicated the presence of haemoglobin on her right-hand fingers.

The phenolphthalein test, a preliminary blood test, employs a chemical solution to detect potential traces of haemoglobin. When phenolphthalein reacts, it produces a pink hue, making it a crucial tool in forensic investigations. Traces of the phenolphthalein solution left on a person's hands from handling documents or cash become visible when exposed to a mild base, revealing any potential involvement in criminal activities.

Officials concluded that Jyothi had conducted her duties dishonestly in order to gain an unfair advantage. The accused officer has since been arrested and will be presented before a court in Hyderabad, with ongoing investigations into the matter.

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