Telangana: Husband firing AK-47 at neighbor fighting with wife

Feb 08 2020 03:00 PM
Telangana: Husband firing AK-47 at neighbor fighting with wife

Recently, a new case of crime has surfaced from Telangana where a 35-year-old man was arrested by the police of Siddipet district on Friday night for assaulting a neighbor with AK-47 rifle. He fired after a quarrel between the wife and the neighbor's wife and the accused Devuni Sadanandam escaped immediately after the incident.

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In this case, the police chased him and arrested him from Koheda village. According to reports, the police have seized the weapon from Sadanandan's wife and Sub Inspector Papia Nayak said, 'Sadanandam fired two rounds of bullets at 32-year-old Gunti Ganga Raju from the window of the house at Akkanpet. The bullet narrowly escaped over Raju's head. There was a fight between Raju and Sadanandam's wives on Thursday morning over the disappearance. Raju was not at home. It is alleged that in Sadanandam, he abused Raju's wife a lot during this period.

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In this matter further he also said, "After returning from office, Raju came to fight with Sadanandam on this and both got very abused. After this, at 09:30 in the night, Sadanandam reached Raju's house and fired two rounds, which when passing over Raju's head, he narrowly escaped and then Sadanandam escaped from the spot." With this, the police said that the rifle has been recovered and we have started investigating the case. In this case, the police has filed a case under section 307.

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