18-Year-Old Boy Declared Brain Dead Comes Alive After Hearing Moither's cry

Aug 25 2019 10:21 AM
18-Year-Old Boy Declared Brain Dead Comes Alive After Hearing Moither's cry

Hyderabad: The resurrection of an a18-year-old boy who has been declared brain dead in Telangana has come to light. Preparations for his funeral were being completed. Meanwhile, her mother sat next to him and wept. Hearing the crying voice of the mother, tears started coming out of the boy's eyes. The family members present there were cheered. He was immediately taken to the hospital.

The incident is reported to be from Palamoori village in Suryapet district of Telangana. The boy's name is Gandham Kiran. His mother said that when she was sitting next to her son and crying, she saw tears flowing from her son's eyes. Seeing this, she told the relatives and the doctor was called. Gandam Kiran's mother, Saidamma, said, "The doctor held his hand and told her that he is still alive. Pulse is also going on. We were so happy after hearing i "

The treatment was done by the doctors of Suryapet District Hospital on the advice of the doctors of Hyderabad. Within three days, Kiran began to recognize everyone and talk. She said doctors discharged her son on Sunday. Now he is healthy. Kiran was admitted to a government hospital on 26th June for treatment after complaining of high fever and vomiting. The doctor described him as severe hepatitis. He was brought to Hyderabad on 28th June after being very critical. As soon as he arrived, he went into a coma on July 3. The doctors then declared him brain dead.

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