Young man fell in reservoir while taking selfie

Aug 05 2020 01:54 PM
Young man fell in reservoir while taking selfie

Adilabad: These days there is a craze for selfies among youngsters. There are many people who lose their lives many times in the process of fulfilling this hobby. Now recently the same has happened with a young man. A young man taking a selfie near the waterfall suddenly slipped and fell down into the reservoir. His dead body was found the next day.

It is being told that "Secretary of Bhimnagar in Indravalli Mandal area had gone to Kuntala waterfall to hang out with his friends. There he was taking a selfie, but at the same time he loses his balance and fell down into the reservoir. He died due to drowning in the reservoir. His friends who went with him tried to find him but could not find him.

Everyone came home and told his relatives about the incident. The next day, his body was discovered from the reservoir near the waterfall in the morning and he was taken out of the water. In this case, the police have sent the dead body of the young man to the District Hospital RIMS for postmortem and on the complaint of the family members, the police have filed a case. In this case, it has also been told that a year ago, the secretary's father died of a snake bite and his mother Tiruvanabai was raising him.

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