When giving money to eunuchs, just say these two magical words, you will become rich

Sep 20 2019 05:38 PM
When giving money to eunuchs, just say these two magical words, you will become rich

New Delhi: Be it a festival or a special occasion at home, eunuchs often reach your house to ask for Dakshina. Someone gets married, or a child is born or a new house is built. The eunuchs arrive immediately on such an occasion. Then they do not go back without taking money. Some people do not hesitate to give them money, and some happily give them Dakshina. It is said that if two such magic words are uttered on such an occasion from eunuchs, then there will be no shortage of Lakshmi in your house.

It is said that whenever Kinnar comes to your house, office or shop and asks for money, after giving Dakshina to them, you will tell them that 'Fir Aayiyega' Please come again. Although these words may sound very minor to you. But it is considered auspicious to say so. In such a situation, when you ask them to come more, they also feel that they have been given Dakshina from the heart and not under any compulsion. Due to this, eunuchs are happy and give you blessings.

The eunuchs have their prayers from the heart and it is said that their blessings go on in the house. The eunuchs are more effective than their prayers. This is the reason that people give them money also out of fear. Because no one wants to take the crooks of eunuchs. So if next time you give prayers to the eunuch, don't forget to say 'Aur Aayiyega'.

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