Terrible scene of corona! More than 8 lakh cases reported in 4 days

A dangerous scene of Corona is being seen in North Korea. In the last four days, more than 8 lakh cases have been reported there, while 42 persons have died. On Sunday, 15 people lost their lives. At the same time, the number of corona positive patients has reached 8,20,620. The lockdown has been imposed since the first case of corona came in North Korea, on Thursday, the first case of corona came there. North Korea has been saying for the last two years that it has no corona cases, but the situation has become very worrisome.  

Recently, it was reported from North Korea that the corona outbreak started in the capital Pyongyang in April. Subsequently, mass public functions were held on April 15 and 25 in the capital where most people were not wearing masks. On the other hand, in view of the increasing cases of Corona, dictator Kim Jong Un has described it as a big disaster. At the same time, this view of Corona in North Korea has become a tension for the whole world because the health facilities here are very poor, due to which people can be affected in large statistics.

Experts say North Korea could face a heavy death if external shipments of vaccines, medicines and other medical supplies are not received immediately. The US, on the other hand, has supported international aid efforts but does not plan to share its vaccine supplies with the North.

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