Madhya Pradesh: Wild elephant creates terror in Sidhi, 3 died

Feb 23 2021 11:21 AM
Madhya Pradesh: Wild elephant creates terror in Sidhi, 3 died

Sidhi: The corona crisis is increasing rapidly in Madhya Pradesh on one side. Meanwhile, many unexpected incidents are also coming to the fore. Recently, the terror of elephants has been seen in the state. Wild elephants have created terror in many districts of the state. According to the information, the terror of elephants in a village in Sidhi has destroyed everyone's life. Wild elephants killed three villagers. It is being said that this incident is from Podi Khairi village adjoining the Sanjay Tiger Reserve area. Elephants have crashed and killed three people here in the village. Those who killed in the incident include a father and his two sons. As soon as information was received about this incident, many employees including the Joint Director, Assistant Director of Sanjay Tiger Reserve reached the spot.

Some elephants' herd reached Khairi village on Monday night. Here wild elephants have created panic in the village. During this time, as soon as the herd of elephants came near a house, they started escaping from the house. Meanwhile, elephants first lifted Gorelal from the trunk and then set foot on him. Just like this, elephants killed 3 people of the same family. The village has been in chaos since this incident.

Last week, a case of hunting of a girl by a leopard had emerged from the Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh. The girl had gone to pick up wood in the forest recently. She was 12 years old. There the leopard came in front of her and ran in front of her sister's eyes by pressing in the mouth. According to the information received, the leopard was stoned when she left the baby girl, but by then the girl had died.

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