Rockets fired at Kabul airport, intercepted by defence system
Rockets fired at Kabul airport, intercepted by defence system

Kabul: Rockets were reported to have been fired again in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Monday morning. Rocket attacks have been carried out near Kabul airport here around 6.40 am. These rockets were placed on a vehicle and fired towards the airport. These rockets are causing smoke at different places, fire at many places, and damage to many vehicles. Four missiles were fired from here, one of which went straight to a house.

According to local media, rockets were fired from a vehicle from the edge of the university near Kabul airport, which has burned. Many rockets have been foiled by the Kabul Airfield Defence System. The attack on Monday morning has also been confirmed by the White House. The U.S. NSA and chief of staff have also briefed President Joe Biden in this regard. According to the US, their rescue operation is going on without interruption.

U.S. forces are due to leave Kabul by August 31, and an alert has been sounded about Kabul airport and surrounding areas before that. Earlier also, there was a terrorist attack at Kabul airport, in which several people, including 13 Us soldiers, lost their lives.

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