'Terrorists are always terrorists,' Taliban celebrate by beheading Afghan soldier

Kabul: After capturing Afghanistan, the Taliban, a terror group, made some promises to the people of the country about security and peace, but since coming to power, the Taliban have started extorting again. Now a video of Taliban militants beheaded an Afghan soldier is going viral.

According to reports, the Washington Examiner has a video of the incident and is believed to have been shared in the Taliban's private chat room. However, it is not yet clear when the video was recorded. The video of the Taliban and Afghan soldiers is about 30 seconds. In the video, Taliban militants were seen shouting and paraded the Afghan soldier's head in his hands. At the same time, others were seen carrying rifles in their hands. Another soldier had two blood-stained knives in his hand. According to reports, the man's dark green uniform is estimated to have been an Afghan army jawan.

These Taliban terrorists were also shouting slogans in support of Afghanistan's Supreme Leader Hibatullah Akhundzada. At the end of the video, these Taliban terrorists are saying that he should be shot because it should look like he has been shot. In this case, Afghan security consultant Nasir Waziri said, "I can never believe the Taliban." Terrorists are always terrorists.

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