Tesla CEO Elon Musk announces Self-driving robotaxi coming in 2020

Apr 23 2019 12:38 PM
Tesla CEO Elon Musk announces Self-driving robotaxi coming in 2020

San Francisco: Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk has said that the electric car maker is ready to fly autonomous robotaxis from 2020.  Musk said the company expects to get necessary approvals by 2020.

Making a series of bold predictions during the Tesla Autonomy Day at the Palo Alto-based headquarters late on Monday, Musak said "I feel very confident predicting that there will be autonomous robotaxis from Tesla next year -- not in all jurisdictions because we won't have regulatory approval everywhere.”

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TechCrunch reported Musk as saying. "In places where there aren't enough people to share their cars, Tesla would provide a dedicated fleet of robotaxis," the report added.

Musl hoped that robotaxis would return home and automatically park and recharge. Tesla also unveiled a new Samsung-made microchip that, the company said, was being included in every new car.

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Musk also said, "We will have more than one million robotaxis on the road," Musk said. "A year from now, we'll have over a million cars with full self-driving, software... everything." He said Tesla would soon develop cars that could last for at least one million miles with minimal maintenance.


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