Tesla Chief Elon Musk slams Jeff Bezos for calling him copy cat

Jun 27 2020 04:13 PM
Tesla Chief Elon Musk slams Jeff Bezos for calling him copy cat

New Delhi: Tesla CEO Elon Musk is furious over the announcement by e-commerce company Amazon to buy self-driving startup Jukes. Tesla CEO Musk has called Jeff Bezos a copycat cat. Musk tweeted on social media that he wrote, "Jeff Bezos is a 'copycat'." As reported, Amazon is making this deal to buy Jukes for about 7,563 crores. Earlier, Musk has tweeted 'Time to break Amazon monopoly is wrong'.

Tesla settled a legal dispute with Jukes Corporation in April this year. It was alleged that the employees of the Tesla, who were hired by Jukes, had some Tesla documents. After this, Tesla filed a case against the company and four employees in March itself. In addition to Tesla, Jukes is also innovating in automatics, robotics and renewable energy. With this, she is removing such vehicles, which reduce fuel emissions.

Earlier, Tesla's CEO had announced a break up with Amazon founder and Blue Origin owner Jeff Bezos. Musk accused Bezos of wanting to establish his monopoly in every field. Musk had termed Bezos' plan to reach the moon last year and to colonize the space in space. Bezos, however, never responded to Musk's tweet, which was against him.

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