'Thak thak gang rob businessman of Rs 5 lakh and documents

Feb 01 2019 11:14 AM
'Thak thak gang rob businessman of Rs 5 lakh and documents

Ghaziabad: The infamous 'Thak Thak'  girl targeted  a businessman's Mercedes Benz when went to Ghaziabad's Raj Nagar district centre. The gang robbed him of Rs 5 lakh and took his documents as well. The police are currently trying to identify the gang members by scanning through the CCTV footage.

The victim is identified as Narendra Chauhan shared that he had gone to the RDC for a meeting when he received a call from his driver.  His driver, who was in the vehicle guarding the bag with Rs 5 lakh and the documents called him and told him that three men had come and knocked at the window. After the driver was told that a car tyre was punctured, he unlocked the car and stepped out. Following this, one among the three men, opened the side door and ran with the bag.

Robbed credit card and other documents

Businessman said that his bag had Rs 5 lakh in it apart from his credit card, identification documents and a few business-related papers. The driver also stated that he had seen a motorcycle rider who appeared to be an ally of the three men.

Gang known for the medtods of robbery

Shlok Kumar, Superintendent of Police told that the police are constantly scanning the CCTV camera footage to trace the gangs. . The 'thak thak' gang is known for the methods they use in deceiving people before robbing them. 

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