Thani Mohammad Ibrahim Faraj Ali Thani showcased his A-game in football as a right wing-back.

A certain injury led him to leave his football career, but his love for the game never withered.

People often get astonished by the success stories they hear, especially of the youngsters from different fields and sectors of the world, for the kind of zealousness, perseverance and passion these extremely talented ones show. However, sometimes it becomes imperative to know deeper about some of these stories as they have the power to inspire us in ways more than one. The world of sports is a world of its own, they say. It has given birth to some of the finest talents in the world, who have made massive records and, most importantly, made a special place for themselves in the hearts of sports lovers and others. Thani Mohammad Ibrahim Faraj Ali Thani, aka Thani Al Thani, had done the same when he had made his entry into the world of football as a youngster.

"If you ask me to describe my love for football in a word, it won't be possible for me because the love and passion I feel for the game is inexplicable. However, I can only say that football for me has been that sport in my life that gave me the perfect balance of mental and physical fitness. Due to some unfortunate situations in my life caused by an injury in my right knee, I had to stop playing it for which, I also underwent a surgery and had to retire from the sport, but my love for the game can never fade away," says the once top right wing-back football player Thani Al Thani.

Thani Al Thani, born in 1990 in Dubai, began his football career in 2008 and excelled as an Emirati football player, playing for an Emirati team in the 2nd division League. His passion and excellence in the game were also evident from the tremendous talent he showed at the President's Cup and National Sports cup and Sports Academics.

Even after retiring from football followed by an injury and a surgery, Thani Al Thani has always felt that a part of him belongs to the sport. He still has the same love, passion, and admiration for the game he had before. Being an Emirati football player, Thani Al Thani always showed his A-game.

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