Due to this, Shoaib Ibrahim's sister decided to wear 'hijab'
Due to this, Shoaib Ibrahim's sister decided to wear 'hijab'

These days there is a lot of hue and cry about hijab across the country. The uproar over the wearing of hijab by young women of the Muslim religion is increasing. The echoes of the Karnataka hijab controversy are now being heard not only in India but also abroad. Many people are supporting Muslim girls for wearing the traditional garb hijab, while many are raising their voices against it. But did you know that hijabs are not only worn by ordinary young women from the Muslim community, but many girls belonging to the entertainment world also wear hijabs?

Saba Ibrahim, sister of television's most popular actor Shoaib Ibrahim and sister-in-law of Dipika Kakar, has also been wearing a hijab for quite some time. Saba is also very active on YouTube with Instagram. Saba keeps sharing interesting vlogs with fans on her YouTube channel.

Recently, Shoaib Ibrahim's sister Saba Ibrahim told fans the reason for wearing the hijab in one of her vlogs. In a vlog called My Hijab Story Tale, Saba said- I started wearing the hijab 2 years ago when corona came. I always used to cover my head during Ramadan. But as soon as the eid moon was seen, I used to remove the hijab and go shopping in the market. At that time, I used to have such thoughts in my heart that why I have done the whole of Ramadan and why I am removing it now. Saba said, "I used to keep my head covered during school hours and college hours as well. I was overweight at that time, so many times people started calling me aunty. But at the time, I didn't understand that much. Now it doesn't matter if everyone calls aunt. But at that time when people said aunty, it feel very bad by heart, so I thought that now I will open the hair and go out.''

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