99-year-old man sets record in the fight against corona, raised 269 crores
99-year-old man sets record in the fight against corona, raised 269 crores

Washington: More than 196000 people died worldwide due to coronavirus, while millions of people have been infected with this virus. It is a bit difficult for scientists to say how long will be able to get rid of this disease. But recently something happened that you will also be surprised to know.

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99-year-old Captain Tom Moore of Britain, who was collecting money to combat the Coronavirus, looted accolades by recording a record in the Guinness Book on Friday. On April 30, he is going to celebrate his 100th birthday. Second World War warrior Captain Tom set the record for the person who collected the most money through charity walk. He raised $ 3.52 million (about Rs 269 crore) for the National Health Service (NHS) by Friday afternoon. Captain Tom is unable to stand and walk without support after breaking his back. For this, they take the help of a walker with wheels.

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Captain Tom had hoped that he would raise about $ 800, but a picture of him taken in a house in Bedfordshire, central England, caught the attention of the world and set a record of wealth collection. Captain Tom is also the oldest singer to participate in Michael Bal's music album 'You Will Never Walk Alone', which collected funds for healthcare. The Guinness World Record reported that the record was previously named after Wales star Tom John, who single-handedly sang 'Barry Island in the Stream' in 2009 at the age of 68.

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