The actor said this about the shooting of Squid Game

Squid game: 7 games, 456 participants, but the winner only 1... how wonderful it sounds after listening, then imagine how great the shooting of the Korean series squid game will be. This Korean thriller series is based on a game of children buried under debt to win money by playing a dangerous game. In September, the OTT platform Netflix came out with a show that changed the trend of the whole world. The actors of this most-watched non-English series on Netfilx have now given information about his favourite game out of 7 and also shared his experience of shooting. 

7 games are also included in the squid game. Among them were Red Light Green Light, The Honeycomb Challenge, Tug of War, The Midnight Riot, Marbles, Glass Stepping Stones and Squid Game. In which in the last one participant has to win this game. HoYeon Jung and Park Hae Soo, who played the lead roles in the series, have now also given information about their favourite game.

According to Park Hae-soo, who played Cho Sang-woo in the series, his favourite game was tug-of-war, which was also very difficult to shoot. In which it was also very important to have balance with physical strength. It was difficult for Seong Gi-Hyun's team to win the game on the show as there were only a few fit contestants in the team, the rest being girls and elderly, the team is very fragile, although the actor has said that it is all about teamwork and at the same time. Won also. Let us tell you that tug-of-war is a game played all over the world. And it is best for fitness which is the exercise of your upper body. Talk about the same thing about actress HoYeon Jung, who played the role of Kang-Se-Byeok in the show, her favourite game was Marbles, which had a lot of emotion involved. In which she had a lot of trouble. 

According to the information, within 28 days of its release on Netflix, more than 11 crore users have watched it. According to media reports, Netflix estimates that the value of the squid game will be around $900 million.

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