Administration builds 2 seater toilet in UP
Administration builds 2 seater toilet in UP

After the success of the scheme to provide toilets to every needy in the village under the Swachh Bharat Mission, the government is constructing community toilets in every village. In this sequence, a strange case has been heard in the construction of community toilets being constructed in Bhiura village of Salatauwa block in Basti district where 2-2 seats have been made inside a toilet. After the case came to light, the BDO of Basti district Ajit Kumar said that two toilet seats are being installed in a toilet to end the fear inside the children.

Actually, a case of fixing two toilet seats inside a toilet has been heard. The officials of the District Ministry of District Panchayat Raj, who are promising, intelligent, and thinking of doing something different, have shown this by doing so. Anyone who saw this wonder of the head, engineer, and officials of the block got his eyes glazed.

Social media viral picture: It has been learned that in the community toilet built-in Bhura village, 2 to 2 seats have been placed inside a toilet room, now the picture of this unique toilet is becoming very viral on social media, Under the Swachh Bharat Mission, more than 10 lakh budget has been spent, but this plan is becoming a joke on the ground.

The commissioner ordered the inquiry: According to the information received, Congress District President Ankur Verma raised questions about this case and demanded that action should be taken for the whole case. There can be no bigger corruption case of Swachh Bharat Mission. On the other hand, Commissioner of Basti Mandal, Anil Sagar said that these pictures are indeed ridiculous but there is also gross negligence, which will be investigated and strict action will be taken. At present, the market of discussion in the area is hot.

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