'Suffocating' wind in many areas of the country! These things making air poisonous

New Delhi: Mineral dust and biomass emanating from Pakistan and northwest India have polluted cities like Delhi and the Arabian sea region. This has been claimed in a study. Experts from Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences in Nainital along with Indian and foreign colleagues studied the chemical structure in the central Himalayan region and the source division of total suspended particles (TSP, including all aerosols and air pollution).

The Himalayan region is considered a sensitive environment with the same being a unique character in the Asian climate. Over the past decade, a number of chemical species studies have been conducted in the western and central Himalayan regions for carbon-rich aerosols and inorganic species, which indicate the abundance of aerosol reserves transported from Indian galactic plains.

However, there is a difference in the desired news about primary and secondary organic carbon (POC, SOC) fractions along with a lack of statistical methods for identifying and quantifying the sources of air pollutants at a receptor model in the Central Indian Himalayas. Further, the study stated that mineral dust, burning of bio-matter (biomass), secondary sulphate and secondary nitrates are the major sources of aerosols in the central Himalayas, polluted cities like North-West India and Pakistan to Delhi, Thar desert and the Arabian Sea region and marine mixed aerosols capable of long-distance air transmission.

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