The ancients gave this family a unique will, proud to be known

Jul 22 2019 10:35 PM
The ancients gave this family a unique will, proud to be known

So everyone knows about the will. Will is mostly the last thing we've heard about. But today we're telling you about a will that you'll be surprised to know. In this unique will a family has found social service. Now you're going to know what this social service is.

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So tell you, in this unique will a family has received the social service that also served to save the drowning in the water. Who is doing this service perfectly by Daulal Malviya of Jodhpur. You will be surprised to know that Daoji Daulal Malviya of Jodhpur has been saving the drownings for the past 50 years. If someone is drowning in the water, the administration also remembers Daulal. The good thing is that this man is present with his team all the time without worrying about his life.

Daulal has also trained thousands of people to swim so that they can save their lives if they fall into the water. They have also given free special training to Army and Police personnel. He has also received several awards for Malviya's service. Malviya's father Vishnudas saved many lives. He wrote in his will that my son and grandson should continue to do this human service free of charge, and there is no greater religion. That's what Daulal is doing. For 50 years now, Malviya has been engaged in human service with her sons and grandchildren, treating her father's last wish as the ultimate religion.

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