The big news: Now sweet candy will cure malaria!

You all know that more than four million people die every year due to malaria worldwide. Yes, and an estimated two-thirds of deaths occur due to this disease in children under the age of five. At the same time, now the researchers of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) have got great success in the direction of protecting the children from malaria. In fact, a team of researchers has developed a unique drug 'Sweet Candy' to treat malaria. Yes and according to the information received, this sweet candy made from erythrital will prove to be effective in the treatment of malaria.

Let us tell you all that Professor Shailja Singh of JNU's Special Centre for Proprietary Medicine department told about this. "Erythrital (sugar alcohol) is an organic compound. It is also used as an alternative to sugar. Maize starch is extracted and converted into glucose, then glucose is fermented to form erythritol. The candy made from it has been found to be effective against malaria and can be used for children under the age of five. Let me tell you all that this research has also been published in the international journal 'Bio X RYV'.

Let you all know that malaria is caused by the Plasmodium parasite, which is caused by the bite of infected female anaphilis mosquitoes. At the same time, let us also tell you that the medicine of malaria is very bitter and as soon as they eat it, people vomit. In such a situation, it is very difficult to feed it to the children. If the malaria drug is like sweet candy, then children will be able to eat it easily and because of this, erythrital has been given with the combination of malaria medicines.

Also give you information about how effective erythritol is, a trial was conducted on mice to find out how effective. Yes, and for this, six different groups of rats were formed. The first of these groups was not malarial parasite affected. The second group was given erythrital. With this, the third group was given the malaria drug Artisunate. The fourth group of mice was given a higher dose of artisunate (60 mg). The fifth group was given both erythrital and artisunate, while the sixth group was given no medicine. Finally it was found that erythritol was more effective when given alone and with a malaria drug.  

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