The biggest search on heart attack, an investigation will reveal whether or not

Now everyone is falling prey to heart diseases. Be it the elderly, the younger generation or all others are fighting heart diseases these days. Let us tell you that these days the cases of heart attack are also increasing rapidly and all this is proof of this. However, in the midst of all this, scientists have now discovered such a test, with the help of which the risk of heart attack can be detected about three years in advance. Yes and this will reduce the risk of death due to heart attack to a great extent.

Let us tell you that scientists have investigated the C-reactive protein of former heart attack victims. It means a sign that tells about inflammation. Not only this, but he also did a standard test of troponin. This is the protein that is released from the blood when there is heart damage. Reports that surfaced suggest that among the nearly 2.5 million NHS patients who had elevated CRP levels and tested positive for troponin tests, the odds of death within three years were about 35 percent.

Let us tell you that with this discovery of scientists, millions of lives can be saved by monitoring and advising anti-inflammatory drugs at the right time. Not only this, Dr. Ramji Khameez of Imperial College of London told that the discovery of this test has come at a time when its danger is being identified in people who are more vulnerable than other tests. Apart from this, it is being told that Professor James Leiper of the British Heart Foundation, which released the funds for this study, said, 'It is a valuable tool to be included in the medical kit of doctors.' In fact, a study has found that being active for about four hours a day reduces the risk of heart disease by 43 percent.

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