The Bleeding Goddess Kamakhya Devi: Menstruation festival, Red Brahmaputra water and Black Magic

The  Kamakhya Devi Temple is one of the most well-known temples in the world. Situated in Assam's  Guwahati,   The temple is devoted to Goddess Kamakhya and is one of the 52 Shakti Peethas. The temple consists of numerous distinct temples, each of which represents the 10 Mahavidyas of Saktism. The Kamakhya Devi temple is located in the western region of Guwahati around 7 Km from the Guwahati railway station and about 4 Km from the Kamakhya railway station

Story of The Kamakhya Devi

According to mythology after Sati jumped into the fire. Shiva was in deep grief. In the vayod of Aadhi Shakti, Shiva began performing the Tandav. With all the Gods fearing of their survival, they reached out to The God Vishnu to calm Shiva. Lord Vishnu sent his Sudarshan to destroy the corpse of Sati into pieces. One of the piece felt there and later the place got recognization as Kamakhya Devi Temple. The Temple has an underground portion that houses a natural cave where Kamakhya Devi resides. The temple was erected by the Koch king Naranarayan in 1565 and destroyed by Kalapahar in 1572. After this the King Chilarai of Koch Hajo rebuilt the temple.

The Red Brahmaputra water and Menstruation festival

As per the information, Shakti’s mythical womb and vagina are supposed to be installed in the temple’s sanctum or “Garvagriha”. There is no idol there. The goddess bleeds or menstruates in June or Ashaad. Kamakhya Devi is also known as the menstruating goddess. During the month of June (Ashaad), the river Brahmaputra passing near Kamakhya turns red. This event is said to celebrate the natural biological process of menstruation. It is also said that among the four temple sanctums, the ‘Garvargiha’ is the home of Sati’s womb.

Black Magic and Tantra mantra

It is said that people can experience their power and strength if they have to suffer genuinely evil forces, paranormal activities, and other activities like black magic. People have believed that the reasons behind black magic can also get cures here at this temple as Goddess Kali is present in ten different forms. The priests and Sadhus living around the temple offer you puja services for relief from the black magic. The priest there also performs tantric rituals to remove the black magic are strengthened at this temple as all ten Mahavidyas stay together here.

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