Bloody Era of 1990 returning to Kashmir?

Srinagar: Things are getting worsen in Jammu and Kashmir. With the Indian Army heavily on, terrorists are now hunting people who are soft targets. Which the police or the army cannot provide security to. Such people include Hindus living in Kashmir, Sikhs and people from other states. This month, terrorists have killed 11 civilians, 7 of whom are non-Muslims. Thereafter, panic among the people of the valley has created and they have been forced to flee to home. These conditions have once again turned the wounds green of the 90s in the Valley. At that time, non-Muslims, especially Kashmiri Pandits, had to leave the Valley overnight to save their lives.

In March 2010, a question was raised in the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly about Kashmiri Pandits. At that time, the then government had reported that 219 Kashmiri Pandits were killed in the Valley between 1989 and 2004. However, the actual murder figure was much higher, but the official figures recorded only 219. According to the Jammu and Kashmir government's Migrant Relief Portal, more than 60,000 families had fled after terror incidents escalated in the Valley. Out of these, 44,000 families had registered themselves with the State Relief Rehabilitation Commissioner. The 44,000 families who fled included 40,142 Hindu families, 2,684 Muslim families and 1,730 Sikh families.

Once back in the Valley, the same exodus has begun. All of them have healed the wounds of the 1990s. A Kashmiri Pandit told the news agency, 'I have been working as a teacher for the last 20 years and returned to the Valley a few years ago after the transfer. But now things are getting worse, so we have returned to Jammu.' He claimed that many Kashmiri Pandits who were given jobs under the Prime Minister's Package are coming back to Jammu. Another Kashmiri Pandit said, 'Kashmir is still in the same situation that we saw in the 1990s.'

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