The boy forgot his everything because of the addiction of mobile.

Jaipur: A 20-year-old man from Sahwa town in Churu district of Rajasthan was addicted to mobile so much that he is now suffering from mental illness. The young man is neither able to identify his family nor say anything. For the past one month, the young man who left his business and was on his mobile phone has not been able to sleep for 5 days.

When it was found that his health worsened, the family rushed him to the emergency ward of The Government Bhartia Hospital in Churu. Where the young man started to be treated by the psychiatrist. Uncle Arbaaz in the youth's family has said that 20-year-old Akram used to work as an electric motor widening in the village itself. Akram had been spending most of his time on mobile for the past one month.

He had also stopped working because of his mobile. He did not like to leave the mobile even when repeatedly asked by his family. For the past few days, he has been playing chats and games on his mobile all night. Because of this, he stopped eating and drinking. It is learnt that Akram's mother has said that Akram is no longer even eating, and when I go to the room to give food at night, he also spreads the food on the bed. In this regard, psychiatrist Dr Jitendra Kumar said that the youth has undergone a city scan which has been treated.

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