The boys of UP were upset with the girls, wrote a letter to the principal saying – 'Girls are called asphalt, rasgulla, Lalla'

Lucknow: Arguments between boys and girls are very common in school classes, but a letter is going viral on social media in which some students wrote a letter to the principal and demanded that the girls apologize to him, because the girls misjudged him. Calls by names. It is being said that the photo going viral is of Auraiya district of UP. This is the case of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya present at Taiyapur in Auraiya district.

You can see this letter going viral on social media here that boys wrote about the letter written to the principal, 'Girls of class VII (A) to apologize to the boys'. Then the students wrote in detail, 'Sir, it is a humble request that we are students of class VII (A). Girls speak wrong words to us like Lalla, Pagal, stay in position. And spoil the names of boys. Ramesh (name changed) as asphalt and Dinesh (name changed) as Rasgulla, be like Lalla. Girls make noise in the class and sing songs and play dialogues. Om Foam is making noises.

In the same letter, the boys also wrote the names of the girls of the class. In the end, the students wrote, 'Names of the girls who made noise in class VII (A) -' This letter is now becoming very viral on social media. After reading the photo of this letter, people are giving many types of feedback. People are enjoying this letter by commenting.

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