Woman commits such act in a flying plane that endangered passengers' lives

There are many strange cases coming to light from all over the world. Something similar happened on an American Airlines plane where a woman passenger on a flying plane committed such an act that the crew members tied her to the seat with a tape. The video of the entire case is going viral at a rapid pace.

The same case is said to be on July 6 when a woman passenger was treated strangely on a flight from Texas to North California. The woman passenger tried to open the boarding door in the flying aircraft. Not only that, she became aggressive when she stopped and caused injuries to several flight attendants.

According to the report received, the crew members quickly took action after seeing the woman passenger's behavior and made the woman so helpless that the video has gone viral on social media. The video was shared on July 11 on a Twitter page called Breaking Aviation News and Video. The caption of the video says that the female Passenger of American Airlines tried to open the speed of the plane between the flight and was tied to the seat with tape. The 35-second video clip shows the woman screaming, tied to the tape from the seat of the plane.

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