Suddenly the building collapsed, see this horrifying VIDEO
Suddenly the building collapsed, see this horrifying VIDEO

Mumbai: A building suddenly collapsed in Ulhasnagar near Maharashtra's capital Mumbai on Wednesday, a municipal team had arrived to demolish the dilapidated building. As soon as the demolition work started, the building collapsed like a card. The building had already been evacuated and kept everyone away from the building due to the demolition. There was no damage from the building collapse. The NMC administration had come to demolish this building considering it dangerous. However, the video of the case has appeared on social media.

Officials said that there are many illegal and dilapidated buildings in Ulhasnagar due to which major accidents take place every year. Even during the rainy season, many buildings become victims of accidents. In May last year, seven persons were killed while several others were injured when the slab of a residential building collapsed in Ulhasnagar.



According to officials, the accident took place at the Sai Siddhi building. Its 5th-floor slab fell down and came down, breaking the roofs of the third, second and first floors. Several people were present on the 5th floor at the time of the accident. The relief was that there were no people on any other floor. Officials of the local disaster management cell of the Thane Municipal Corporation said that several buildings have been declared dangerous here.  

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