Chimpanzee that was raised by humans was killed by other chimpanzees

In Kenya, a chimpanzee's child has been beaten to death by other chimpanzees. The chimpanzee that lost his life is said to have been brought up by humans. He was sent from Iran to Kenya so that he could learn to live with other chimpanzees and animals and develop like other chimpanzees. But no one realized at all that such an incident would happen. Everyone has been very much unhappy since this incident.

Chimpanzee's baby dies: On arrival in Kenya, it completed a 90-day quarantine. Gradually he began to learn to mingle with other animals. It is being said that the chimpanzee named Baron had come out of its area and reached among other chimpanzees. Where he was attacked, which claimed his life. Everyone has lost consciousness since this incident.

Baron had spent a lot of time with humans: Baron was not well when he was sent to Kenya from Iran. Where he can learn to live with other animals and recover quickly. Baron was brought up by humans because she was born prematurely and was abandoned by her mother. The vet took Baron with him and brought him up. The decision to release Baron was made when they began to feel that he should now be left with his parents.

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