The city of Seoul seeks this whopping amount for its damaged churches

Sep 18 2020 01:30 PM
The city of Seoul seeks this whopping amount for its damaged churches

The outbreak of coronavirus has slashed the economies of many leading countries. The metropolitan government in South Korea’s capital Seoul stated on Friday that it would endeavor 4.6 billion won ($4 million) for the damages caused against a church for creating the spread of the coronavirus by disrupting tracing and testing efforts. A fresh wave of infections exploded at a church whose members visited a large protest in downtown Seoul in mid-August, turning out to be country’s largest cluster in the greater capital area. The outbreak has driven triple-digit increases in daily COVID-19 cases for more than a month.

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The Seoul city government declared it will file a lawsuit toward the Sarang Jeil Church and its leader, Rev. Jun Kwang-hoon, blaming them for disturbing coronavirus tests and providing incorrect lists of its members which it said worsened the latest plague. The statement from their end stated, “The city is seeking to hold the church and the pastor responsible for contributing to the nationwide re-spread of COVID-19 by refusing and hindering epidemiological surveys or aiding and abetting such acts, as well as submitting false materials.” 

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Calls to the church seeking explanation went ignored. Jun, a harsh slanderer of the government, was re-imprisoned early this month for attending the Aug. 15 gathering as violating of his bail in April, when he got engaged in an illegal political protest ahead of the parliamentary election and was arraigned on charges of breaking election laws. The cluster has inflicted government losses totaling at least 13.1 billion won ($11.3 million), including 4.6 billion won on Seoul, the city said.

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