The connection of the new Parliament House is from MP, know here

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the new Parliament building in New Delhi on Monday. Let us tell you that the design of the first Parliament of our country was taken from the Sixty-Four Yogini Temple located in Mitawali, Madhya Pradesh and it is also a coincidence that the design of the new Parliament building has also been taken from a temple of Madhya Pradesh, which is a glorious one. History is going on.  

The design of the new Parliament building is in a dilapidated condition in Madhya Pradesh. It may be a coincidence that the structure of the new Parliament building is very similar to the structure of this temple. According to historical facts, the rulers of the Chalukya dynasty of South India are associated with Krishna and his Prime Minister Vachaspati, who is said to be the creator of this temple.  

The first history of this temple is mentioned when Albaruni came to India in 1024 AD along with the foreign invader Mahmud Ghaznavi and he mentioned this great temple. It is said that this temple was half a mile long and wide and its height was 105 yards. For this reason, the urns of this temple were visible from a distance. Pm Modi had laid the foundation stone of the new Parliament building on December 10, 2020 and inaugurated it on May 28, 2023.  

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