The couple got married in the air, would be surprised to read the whole story

The flight of a couple going for the wedding got cancelled. Because of this, both boarded another plane and left for the wedding venue. However, in the meantime something happened in the flight that both of them got married in the air. You may not believe it, but it is true. Yes, in this marriage, other passengers, crew members of the aircraft etc. became his guests. At the same time, the airline company itself has told the whole story while sharing the pictures of the wedding. According to the information received, Pam Patterson and Jeremy Salda, living in Oklahoma City, USA, were going to Las Vegas for their wedding. In the meantime, he came to know that his flight has been cancelled.

Yes and due to this he was forced to postpone his wedding plans. But in the meantime, he found a man named Chris, who said that he could get them married. After that all three immediately booked tickets in Southwest Airlines and left for the wedding venue. During this, Patterson and Salda were wearing the bride and groom's dress and seeing them, the pilot of the plane asked about the matter, then the couple told that they were going for the wedding, but their flight got cancelled. Amidst all this, Patterson jokingly told the pilot that now he is going to get married on the plane itself. After that the pilot also said yes and the crew members of the plane started preparations for Patterson and Salda's wedding.

After that, Patterson and Salda got married inside a flying plane. Whose pictures are now going viral. Let us tell you that Southwest Airlines has shared many pictures of this unique wedding inside the plane. You can see in the pictures the bride can be seen being booked inside the plane. Now the discussions of this marriage in the air are happening everywhere.

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