The curses responsible for Ravan's death...!
The curses responsible for Ravan's death...!

The malignant curses that became the reason behind Ravan's death. We know Lord Ram killed Ravan to spread peace and truth everywhere. But only some know that there were hundreds of curses that become fatal for him. Know the curses here that even destroyed the descendant of Ravan. 

Raghuvanshi Anarnay's curse:

Anarnay was the majestic king in the Raghuvansh and he stopped Ravan for the first when Ravan stepped to conquer the world.

King Anarnay couldn't succeed to save his life but he had cursed Ravana before dying.

Nandi's curse:

Ravan once went to meet Lord Shiva at Kailash where he made fun of Shiva's bull Nandi who guarded Shiva.

Nandi was no ordinary bull but a bull with powers as he was in service of Lord Shiva. An angry Nandi cursed Ravan.

A scorned woman's curse:

Ravan spotted a beautiful woman worshipping Lord Vishnu when he was traveling in his Pushpak Viman.

Ravana scorned that lady by pulling her hair and ordered her to live with him. The woman left her body there and cursed Ravan.


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