Threat of ICH infection hovers over wildlife, 3 bears died

Bilaspur: The infectious canine hepatitis (ICH) virus is spreading among the wild animals kept in Kanan Pendari Zoological Park in Bilaspur city of Chhattisgarh. In the last few days, 3 bears have died of this infection. 632 other wild animals are in crisis. On Friday, another bear died in Kanan Pendari Mini Zoo.

Two bears have died before. The zoo management said that these deaths are taking place due to ICH infection. In the last 26 days, three bears have lost their lives. While two male bears died first, the female bear Kavita lost her life on Friday. Due to the ICH infection, the lives of 632 wild animals living in Kanan Pedari are now in danger, but the zoo management is not paying attention.

Since Monday night, the condition of the female bear poem was deteriorating. After three days of struggle, he also gave up. Zoo management said that Kavita was in touch with the two dead bears who have already lost their lives. He stopped eating and drinking for a few days. He was beginning to have a jerk and had trouble breathing. The doctors were treating him, but he died on Friday. Vishnu Nair, DFO of Kanan Pendari, said that it cannot be said from where the ICH virus spread to the bears. It is spread only in the organisms of the canine species. Ju's bears are being monitored. Virus infection has not been observed in other organisms.

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