The daughter-in-law's mother was put to death, avenged the son's murder

In Jamnagar, Gujarat, the incident of double murder in the name of honor killing has created a ruckus. The girls, who were angry with the first inter-caste marriage, have killed the boy. Shortly after this, the boy's family members killed the daughter-in-law's mother. The police has also started action by taking the accused from both the sides into custody. 23-year-old Somraj, who lives in Hapa Yogeshwar Dham area of ​​Jamnagar, had a love marriage with Ruplakha, a resident of the same place. If the boy belonged to the Baran community, the girl belongs to the Kshatriya community. Both the families were not happy with this marriage. The family members of the girl were so angry that they were looking for a way to kill the young man.

Meanwhile, the family members of the girl got information that Somraj was standing near the Atul showroom on Rajkot road. Immediately they reached there. When the young man saw the girl's family members, he had entered the nearby showroom. With the intention of taking revenge, the people of the girl's side armed with weapons entered the showroom and killed the young man there.

Relatives taking the injured to the hospital after the attack: Due to which the angry boy's family also threatened to go to the girl's house and started inquiring about the killers there. The girl's mother Anita Bala was inside the house at that time, so to take revenge, she killed the woman. Let us inform that Municipal SP Premsukh Delu says that the main basis of both the incidents is love affair. His family members were not happy with this marriage. The accused from both the sides have been arrested and investigation has been started in the matter.

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