The desktop version of Microsoft's Bing Chat now accepts voice input
The desktop version of Microsoft's Bing Chat now accepts voice input

USA: Bing Chat will soon have a long-requested feature from Microsoft that will alter how we communicate with the chatbot on desktops. On the PC version of Edge, the AI chatbot now supports voice mode, allowing users to speak their commands aloud rather than typing them. Ask your questions out loud by tapping the microphone button on the Bing Chat box.

After deciding to stop supporting Cortana on Windows later this year, Microsoft decided to introduce voice mode to Bing Chat on desktop.
The AI chatbot will now be able to hear and respond to inquiries on PCs' Edge browser.People can use voice commands to ask questions, and the chatbot will answer back in its own voice.

Voice interaction with desktop computers hasn't received much attention outside of accessibility features. However, Bing has changed the scenario by enabling voice chat on the desktop. Voice interactions on the Edge for PCs will contribute to a more seamless user experience. In addition to providing links to websites, Bing Chat will respond to queries.

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To get a response from Bing Chat on desktops, a user had to type out prompts or questions up until this point. This caused it to lag behind voice-activated assistants like Siri or Google Assistant, which are more useful. Users of Bing Chat on desktops will be able to take advantage of voice support by simply clicking the microphone icon to use voice input.

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Bing Chat on desktop platforms features two-way voice communication. Currently, it is available in English, Japanese, French, German, and Mandarin, among other languages. According to Microsoft, more languages are "on the way."

The tech giant is working to integrate its AI-powered Copilot into Windows 11 as a more capable alternative to Cortana after adding voice interaction for Bing Chat on the desktop version of Edge browser.

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When Windows Copilot is available, it will reside in the taskbar and provide general answers, content summaries, and PC setting adjustments, among other things

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