The door of the alien's house found on Mars! People's senses flew after seeing the picture

You must have heard the name of aliens but only in movies. In real life, new claims are constantly being made about them. Yes and the biggest secret is the existence of aliens in space. However, till date no concrete evidence has been found about aliens. But still, strange claims are made about aliens every day. Some people in the world claim to have seen aliens and UFOs on earth. Now amidst all this, the US space agency NASA's Curiosity rover has discovered a mysterious door on Mars. Yes, and on seeing it, it seems that the path has been made by cutting the stone. Well it is not known what is inside this door? After seeing this door, it seems that some creature is living inside it. You can see this picture of NASA has surprised the scientists.

Let us tell you that the Mastcam of the Mars Curiosity rover took this picture on 7 May 2022 and NASA scientists say that they first thought that this path was the way to the center of Mars, or it was the door of the alien's house. . On the other hand, some scientists have speculated that the stone would have been broken due to an earthquake on Mars and this shape would have been formed. Apart from this, due to any kind of pressure and stretching on the stones, this shape must have been formed. Let us tell you that on May 4 this year there was a terrible earthquake on Mars. There is also a possibility of making such a shape in this stone due to this earthquake. With this, many scientists say that there is a pit filled with red clay of stone.

After the earthquake, this soil would have been removed and the door would have been visible. This door is only a few inches long. At the same time, it is difficult to find out its exact size by looking at the picture. Let us tell you that this door has been seen at a place called Greenhue Pediment. Yes and it has been told by NASA that in the past years the landers and rovers on Mars have taken strange pictures and beautiful pictures. It is being said that many things have been seen in these pictures including stones of different sizes, snow-filled pits and mountains. Yes and usually such things are associated with aliens. But NASA says that all of us should not pay attention to such things, before the investigation should not be rumored about anything.

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