The drastic floods in Iran take over 70 people lives, 791 injured
The drastic floods in Iran take over 70 people lives, 791 injured

Tehran: On Friday, the chief of the Iran Emergency Organization, Pir Hossein Kolivand said the unprecedented floods across Iran over the past weeks have claimed the lives of at least 70 people. Kolivand said a total of 791 people have been injured in the floods. Emergency operation teams have been sent to the cities of Poldokhtar and Mamoulan in Lorestan province which are the worst affected by the floods in western Iran, Kolivand said, Xinhua news agency reported. Iran FM Acuses US of 'economic Terrorism' as Flood-hit Cities Evacuated.

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Here it is to be noted that since there is no access by road to the cities due to the level of water and mud, aid is being delivered to the people by air, he said. He added Medical personnel have reached the sites of the floods to help prevent the spread of contagious diseases. To be noted that due to lack of Infrastructural facility in the city many people suffered losses.

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Earlier, It is found that Iranian Legal Medicine Organization (ILMO) announced that the provinces of Fars and Lorestan suffered high flood fatalities, with 21 and 14 deaths respectively. Hundreds of people have been relocated as rain and floods forced evacuations. Dozens of villages have disappeared under the mud and sludge in the west of Iran. US Blames Iran for Flood Toll, Says Ready to Help. Here it is to be noted that in earlier found that since March 19, unprecedented floods have caused massive destruction to the agricultural sector, infrastructure and the residential areas.

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