Murdered Delhi's 'drug queen', fourth husband killed her

Apr 28 2021 04:03 PM
Murdered Delhi's 'drug queen', fourth husband killed her

New Delhi: A number of cases are being reported from the country day in and day out. The news spread like fire in the area that a woman named Shaina had been shot dead by a man, as well as her servant Shahadat. The police who reached the spot noticed that Shayna had died on the spot while her injured servant was admitted to the hospital.

As soon as the people in the area could not believe that Shayna's panic had been killed by her fourth husband Wasim. While the martyrdom present with him is undergoing treatment at the hospital. Police got to see through CCTV from the spot that Wasim had two pistols and was constantly firing at Shayna. Meanwhile, When Shayna's servant came to rescue in the middle, Wasim shot her too.

The same question is, who is Shayna after all? Why did Shayna's fourth husband shoot her? Shaina dominated the drug world. In fact, 29-year-old Shayna had 4 marriages so far. Her first and second husband had left her and gone to Bangladesh. After which Shayna married Sharafat Sheikh, considered the king of the drug business in Delhi, for the third time. Also known as 'Drug Lord' in Delhi-NCR. Sharafat Sheikh has more than 30 cases registered in his criminal history like NSA, NDPS. Sharafat Sheikh, who has great influence in the drug world, was so afraid of the region that even the police refrained from putting in a bribe. With age, Sharafat needed a partner, a flamboyant partner, so she married Shayna. Shortly after the wedding, Delhi Police arrested Sharafat under the NDPS Act and sent him to jail.

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