The driverless taxi car system launched in China
The driverless taxi car system launched in China

Now you will not need a driver all the time to go anywhere. Because for the first time in the world, driver's taxi operations started in Tokyo. Japan's robot maker ZMP and taxi operating company Hinomaru Kotesu together have started the 'RoboCar Minivan' service. In the beginning, a route of 5.3 km has been fixed for this. You will have to make an online reservation for the trip. Didi Chuxing is testing a self-driving car on China's busiest streets. China's Baidu SoftBank subsidiary will facilitate with the company from 2019. 

One side fare has been fixed at 1500 yen (about 950 rupees). To start the journey, you have to use the app. From the app, the doors of the car will open and the payment will also happen. Japan is going to be Olympic in 2020. Earlier, the company is planning to start commercial operations entirely. The first passenger to travel in this driver's car with the girl and child said that it changes the lane very easily, he did not experience that he sat in a car without the driver.

Apple has also developed self-driving technology for cars. Recently, the news came that Apple is starting work on its own self-driving car project. The plan for automation is in the near future. During the testing in Arizona, the car of Uber had taken over the life of a pedestrian. Because of which the company has to improve technology right now. Daimler, along with Bosch, and German car manufacturer, will launch the service next year in California, USA.  

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