Drunk climbed mobile tower, died

Apr 01 2021 10:41 AM
Drunk climbed mobile tower, died

Ratlam: There has been recent news from Ratlam which is making everyone wonder. In fact, it became so costly to tease a drunkard that he was disturbed by it and climbed the mobile tower in a drunken condition. After that, as soon as he started landing, he fell from the tower. He died when it happened. Now, the police are saying about the investigation into the matter.

The whole matter is about Dhanasuta village in Ratlam district. Here Madu, another village youth, was teasing a drunkard named Raju, saying that he has come today after reporting him to the police and he will be killed by the police. After hearing this, the drunken youth understood his words as true and climbed the village tower. He then created a ruckus for 3 hours and the villagers kept trying to reach him. According to reports, when the drunken youth Raju himself tried to get down, his leg got stuck.

The drunken young man's daughter then climbed the tower and started trying to land the father. During this time, when the daughter was taking father Raju down from the tower, her foot slipped and the drunken youth fell down from the tower. After that, the injured alcoholic Raju was brought to Ratlam District Hospital and here the doctor declared the injured Raju dead. Drunk Raju succumbed to the accident and died due to this. Now the police are talking about the investigation of the case.

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