The Facebook's new launch will help in earning with Entertainment

Sep 03 2018 07:08 AM
The Facebook's new launch will help in earning with Entertainment

 Facebook has released its video platform 'Facebook Watch' for the world. This is a new product for video content from Facebook. This is believed to be Google's response to Google's Facebook. It was first launched in the US in August last year.

According to a Variety of news, social media giants Facebook said on Wednesday that the VOD service will be available from anywhere on Thursday. This will give publishers and content creators the international market for their videos.

Facebook said in a statement that with the launch of the watch, we are trying to help publishers and creators in two ways at the international level. First of all, helping them earn money from video on Facebook and other creators can better understand how their content is performing.

The watch was launched in the US last year with the goal of giving a platform to users where they can find shows and video creators. Also, communication between creators and users can be established. In June, Facebook announced that the company will launch new shows to bring the creators and users closer, including features such as poles and quizzes. Facebook has informed that these services will support the content of other local languages other than English content.

Facebook has laid out certain conditions for making money through videos. In order to qualify, the creators must make at least three minutes of video, which should have 10,000 followers, more than 30,000 plus minutes watched within a two-month deadline or complete Facebook's Monetization Eligibility standards. 


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