The farmer had to make a relationship with the donkey, now he will have to do this work

Nowadays, people do not know what to do to fulfill their desires. At the same time, you have heard many such stories about having physical relations, in which humans start having relationships with an animal. Another such incident has come to light in which a farmer was found having sex with a donkey. Let's tell you about this incident.

Actually, according to a newspaper, this news is from a road house village in Limpopo province of South Africa. Where a farmer was seen having physical relations with a donkey. This is a farmer who was doing something similar to the donkey.

On learning about this, the owner of the donkey has complained to the community and demanded that the accused person will now have to marry the donkey. When the farmer was called, he did not come. The matter has been handed over to the Shigalo Tribal Authority Council by the village elders.

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