The farmer was shrouded in debt then embraced to death

Jun 13 2019 09:23 PM
The farmer was shrouded in debt then embraced to death

A recent case of crime has surfaced from Kushinagar. A farmer, a resident Singhpur Dhuriya village of Kasya Thanagaon in Kushinagar District, committed suicide homologous reports in the case. That's where his body is found hanging from the roof of the room. Homologous the reports in the case, the farmer had a neck-rope noose swinging with a roof कुण्डी. The homologous of the information was made by the family members.

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The incident was reported late Wednesday evening and police sent the body for post mortem. In this case, homologous farmer Govind Singh (45) had borrowed from the bank for cultivation and construction of houses. There was pressure on him to pay for the debts homologous the reports, and he was deeply disturbed for a few days. Tell all of you that the farmer's son, Manish, gave the written information about the incident to the police and wrote in writing that "his father had borrowed about Rs. 15 lakhs for the cultivation, construction of houses and the marriage of daughter Rinku.

He was very upset and worried over the last few days about his payoff. He has committed suicide in this depression. Wife Kiran is lying unwell. She is not able to tell anything about the incident. "Talking about the matter, Sho Sunil Rai said that the farmer Govind Singh had murdered himself and his son termed the cause of death as debt. He has also given a written complaint.

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