'Fart' of this actress is in high demand among the people know what is the matter

Stephanie Matto, a foreign woman actress who sold 'Fart' in a box, had to run to the hospital some time ago, due to the high demand for her fart. Reports say that after Stephanie started a strange business, there was a time when the demand for her fart increased and she had to send 50-50 jars in a week.

"I felt like I was having a tour and this was my last moment," she told the media. I was overtaking it. She has said that she consumes three protein shakes a day, black gram soup in large bowls to run her business. She later started feeling in her stomach that it was not right. According to her, the pressure in the stomach begins to climb up in her body.

Stephanie says she had trouble breathing and every time she tried to breathe, the heartfelt as if someone had pinched her. After which nervousness, trouble had also become normal. Later one day she called her friend and ran towards the hospital. She thought she was going to have a heart attack.

According to Stephanie, she has started going to the hospital and getting her checkup done by the doctor. But no information has been given about her strange career. There it was found that the discomfort she was feeling in the body was not a stroke or heart attack but the pain of gas. After the doctor advised the actress to change her diet plan, she closed her business. According to the news, a woman from America named Stephanie Matto started selling her 'Fart' in a box last year for $ 1000 (Rs 74310.85). She said through a post on Instagram that she is doing this on 'popular demand'. According to the latest report, she has earned more than 38000 pounds that is 38 lakh rupees in a week from this business.



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